About Us

Hussain Leather Craft established itself as a valued supplier of sheep and goat leather for Upper, Lining, Suede, Garment & Gloving. We are constantly achieving and exceeding our goals and today, we have successfully exported to the world’s top brands. HLC is a well-recognized leather supplier worldwide due to our on-time delivery and quality leather. We are striving to meet the highest quality standards and today, we are receiving orders from all the reputable businesses. With the expansion of business, Hussain group grew and by the end of the year 2014, HLC brilliantly launched another unit in 2015 for the purpose of manufacturing Cow & buffalo leather.
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Why Us

Hussain Leather Craft exemplified the best in technological and innovative excellence in leather production. Since, 2004 Hussain Leather Craft has been completing its operations successfully. We take pride in letting our customers know that with our cutting-edge technology and top quality manufacturing we deliver the top most quality products and our Constant precaution of raw material ensures on-time delivery.
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Eco Friendly

Our Product

HLC offers top class leather and customize it in accordance with the needs of client. We can provide leather for a variety of accessories including shoes, handbags, garment, gloves and other types of leather.
We provide best quality leather to our customers and ensure them that our leather will fulfil all requirements of their leather products. Some of our regular finishes are: