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Product Overview
HLC produces goat and sheep skin leather in different executions ranging from full chrome glazed, polish, milled to nappa, suede etc for garments, gloves and footwear. Products cover the full range of customer requirements. As new technologies are introduced, HLC will continue to lead by adapting those technologies to meet the changing needs of its customers. Quantity is inspected throughout manufacturing. HLC's sheep and goatskins are manufactured with the state-of-the-art technology.

    Wet Blue
  • Full Chrome Wet Blue Goat and Sheep skin in different sizes and selection. Offers to be submitted upon request.

    For Shoe Uppers
  • Articles in Goat include Glazed Kid, Imitation Glazed, Glazed Milled, Polish Goat Upper, Suede Kid in sizes 2.5/4, 3/5, 4/7 sq ft. etc.
  • Items in Sheep leather includes Sheep Softy Upper, Resin Uppers etc. Offered in sizes 4/7 and 5/8 sqft.

    For Shoe Linings
  • Goat linings in different versions from Aniline, Resin to Corrected Grain Economical linings. Available in sizes 3/6 sq ft.
  • Also offering sheep lining leathers in size 4.5/7, 5/8 sq ft etc.

    For Garments
  • Our sheep nappa leather is very well accepted for the garment industry. Offered in various price range in both colours and black in size 5/8 sqft.
  • Also offered in goat skins.

    For Gloving
  • Soft goat and sheep leathers are offered in sizes 3/6 and 4/7 sqft for both fancy and working gloves..

All leathers available in wide variety of colours tailor to the requirements of customers. Please feel free to inquire. To send inquiries switch to the contact page now!
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