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The Innovative Edge
HLC technical department always strive on innovating new articles on leathers to meet the rapidly changing and ever growing demands of the different segments of leather markets. For new developments the organization is equipped with two trial laboratories, one for Wet Part and the other for Finishing. Our Covered area is more then 60,000 Sq. Feet!

State of The Art Manufacturing
HLC's leathers are symbolic of our focus on quality and consistency. State-of-theart manufacturing, proprietary materials plus inline process control shave resulted in solid quality finished leathers with gurantee quality uniformity. HLC uses latest machines, which ensure best quality. We Specialize in Sheep and Goat Skins.

Uninterrupted Production and Supply
Availability of raw skins is not only based on domestic skins but is also backed by the imports from various origins such as Europe, Middle East and East Africa so there can be no shortage of skins. Chemicals are also imported from the European chemical manufacturers. Sufficient supply of water is managed and a standby generator ensures uninterrupted production.

Fast and Reliable
HLC give utmost importance to time and make it sure that requirements of Customers are fulfilled uncompromisingly and within the given framework of time.
The Mechanical Department makes it sure to keep machines running and minimizes shutdowns.
The Technical Production Department makes it sure to have the leather prepared just in time, maintaining quality with consistency.
The Skilled Personnel of Export Department keep in touch with the flight and sailing schedules and take care of prompt shipments of orders. We have a staff of over 100 Labourers!

Service Leadership
The Marketing Department at Hussain Leather Craft is always on the outlook for changing market requirements. Its team of specialized workforce, in permanent contact with customers, ensures maximum co-operation and goes a long way to help to find produce quality products with HLC leathers. All information thus gathered is systematically analyzed. This research and close co-operation constitute the basic model for a new way to think our products. We Produce 500,000 Sq. Feet of Leather Per Month!

Handling Leather Carefully
Being a delicate material, leather is handled carefully from the raw, through the entire process of manufacturing till the process of packaging and shipment. This extra care in handling leathers enable us to keep the leather at its best possible condition so that the leather will reach our customer in its perfect shape and condition as it should be.

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