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A History of Excellence
Bombal Hussain Group has been importing raw skins from Europe, Middle East and East Africe, sole agent for european chemicals since 1962 and has remained a leader by understanding the needs of the manufacturers of different products.

The bombal leather was the first initiative of Bombal Hussain Group in the field of leather manufacturing. Which is producing garment leather of different types and fulfilling the intense demands of local market by supplying to the leading leather garment exporters in Pakistan since 1998.

Company Overview
Hussain Leather Craft (HLC) came into existence as a seperate leather manufacturing plant. HLC is the expansion of the Bombal Hussain Group, which represents a considerable accumulation of experience. The company is producing sheep and goat skin leathers and is run by a team of professionals. By using the vast experience of over four decades of trading and manufacturing. HLC primarily focusing on to make such quality leather that can exactly meet the customer requirements around the globe.

HLC's Strategic Objectives
In order to guide its production planning. Hlc has adopted a new strategy which is geared towards the future and based on research. State of The Art Technology has led to many important discoveries, particularly in the area of Leather tanning and finishing. A high performance leathers and new extremely sophisticated treatments make HLC distinctive. A dynamic management, channels the experience of HLC's Technical Department, encouraging finding new solutions to improve and increase the performance of leathers. Furthermore, close cooperation with manufacturers of leather and leather machinery manufacturers helps HLC in providing users with leathers better suited to their requirements, resulting in production of superior leather products.

A global source of unmatched superior quality leathers with full commitment to ensure quality for excellent output and prompt delivery in very competitive prices.

Mission Statement
To become the premier manufacturing organization in the leather industry, gaining market competitiveness and diversifying into value added leather with clean, well maintained and friendly environment.

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