We are committed to eco friendly production

HLC is focused towards the environment and places maximum emphasis on eco-friendly processes. We believe in environment-friendly leather production, comfort, and health. HLC is following the highest standards in terms of water conservation, emission protection, and waste management. We always focus on methods which are environmentally compatible and protect, promote and develop Pakistan’s name in the leather industry. 

How are we eco-friendly?

We have taken a number of steps for ensuring greener production and a more environmentally friendly atmosphere in our tannery. Some of the steps are as follows:

Corporate social responisbility

Being a part of business regulatory bodies, we always focus to raise our standards, therefore, while providing satisfied services and products to our valuable clients, we also cater to other standards provided by these regulatory bodies.

As a socially responsible company, HLC provides complete safety measures to the workers. Along with the safety measures, we ensure each of our processes gets finished with complete accuracy, efficiency and security. Hussain Leather Craft is also certified by Inditex Social Audit & ISO 45001